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WELCOME to "My Second Website" (TM).

AND, at Long Last, work is finally underway to update this mess -

Hey! It's only been a year since any real work was done on this site!! (8th Jan 2013)

Update: We have had a few technical difficulties and the site was offline for a day or so. For once, I had made a backup of the site before updating, that and AkeebaBackup saved the day! (10th Jan 2013)

The site will be offline for the next few days as we move to a new host (12th Jan 2013)


First, please feel free to print anything you need from this website. The information provided herein is provided "as is" in the hope that it will help other budding authors. No guarantees of accuracy are implied.

I have, or my web-wench and lovely partner, Susan, has left the Print Option active (the little printer icon on the right of each page) to make this process easier for you. If you do decide to quote text from this site, please do me the common courtesy of asking first. My email address can be found in the "Stuff Relating To Me" section. More than likely I will say, "Yes," but I would liked to be asked. Thank You.

Now, where was I? Ah, yes -


Here's where I start making a fool of myself, by imparting what I think of as wisdom, and to bring you up to speed in what's happening in my sad little world.

I'll try not to be too dry or boring, but the honest reason for this site's existence is that I would like to sell more books, er, I mean, spread the word about my astounding writing skills.

Seriously though, and there are many who won't believe this, but the latter sentiment is true. No, not that I have astounding writing skills, but that I'd like to spread the word about my books and raise the point that they aren't half bad. I can't deny that the money would be handy and would enable me to carry on writing.

That brings me to another point: Why start writing now, or more to the point as with my first book, publishing now?

Well, I have become more and more dismayed at the lack of long-term viability of my current job and so have returned to my first love, writing.

The first book, A Breath of Hope, was written some twenty years ago and was sent on many trips to various publishing houses and agents, who either returned it with no comment at all, a complement slip, or just plain kept it.

It's not that I required a detailed ten page critique of my work, but a simple, "We don't like it because..." would have been nice, or how else am I ever going to improve and mature as a writer?

So, we come to the present day, and I decided to self-publish on Amazon (paperback and Kindle), Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Diesel eBooks, Sony, and a few others. Sales are doing quite well for a first-time author.


I live in hope of being able, one day, to pay a bill with my proceeds...



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